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The story behind meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM

meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM was created in Stuttgart in 2018 by Julia Wolf. The communications designer had run an advertising agency together with her sister Tina for 10 years when Julia swapped brand communications for family management. Toys, bicycles, and children’s furniture were bought, loved, used and then exchanged over and over again.

Family heirlooms, things that were bought by mistake or had fallen out of fashion began to pile up. Throughout the course of the changing phases of her life, innumerable things started to fill closets, then the basement, and eventually the attic.

Julia then decided to get rid of the things she no longer had any use for, and to make room for new things. But what to do with all of the well-preserved things she once loved so much? 

Just sell them for a few euros at the flea market? Offer them as donations to often overfilled donation collection points? Give them away as presents to girlfriends who kindly returned the favor with even more little stuff? Sell on the Internet and deal with cumbersome procedures, often with unknown and unreliable buyers, as well as time-consuming shipping? Suddenly Julia’s son had a great idea:

“Mom, let’s just have a garage sale for the whole family, with homemade lemonade and muffins!“

Julia immediately sprung to life. But what if, after the meticulous preparations, the neighbors’ response and the sales results disappointed the children’s hopes? Deep inside her, the communications designer came back to life:

She devised the idea for a previously one-of-a-kind virtual garage sale, to which only family members, friends or acquaintances could personally be invited by E-mail.  

She called her risk-free, easy-to-use and individually modular online sales system meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM. It marvelously fulfils the needs of many people wanting to sell their unused items in the simplest way possible. Alternatively, it offers the opportunity to purposely buy friends’ used items rather than cheaply produced new goods. And to feel even better, Julia decided to donate 10% of her income to charitable causes every Christmas. We’ll keep you posted!

Have fun selling, discovering and shopping.
Warm regards, 

and the meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM Team.

P.S. For the first anniversary of meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM, Julia promised her son and daughter that she would organize a real garage sale with neighbors, muffins and lemonade.