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The most common questions about meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM:


It’s an online shop you can fill yourself where you can easily, safely and quickly sell your used items. The great thing about it: meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM lets you invite only people to your sales page that you personally trust. Together with your shop module, you will receive our custom E-mail invitation. You can then send it to whatever customers you wish, and look forward to their feedback via E-mail. You arrange the selling, viewing and pick up with the other party directly. Payment is in cash upon delivery or receipt. This saves both parties time-consuming packing, mailing and returns.

2. What is so special about meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM?

The unique and easy shopping experience the buyer and seller can share! You already know each other personally, and hence the origin of the used items as well. You can confidently rely on agreements, commitments and pick-up times. You will enjoy seeing each other again when picking up the items. Feel secure knowing who is coming to your home and who is waiting on you… In addition, you get the satisfying feeling of having done something good: We at meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM donate 10% of our income to charitable causes every year at Christmas. 

3. How does meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM work for sellers?

Quite simply: You register as a salesperson at meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM. You buy an online shop module and pay with either PayPal or a wire transfer. Give your sales page an appropriate name. Open your sales page and fill it by uploading pictures of up to 100 items you want to sell. You rate their condition by clicking on “as good as new,” “well maintained” or “visibly loved.” If you feel like it, you can add detailed descriptions. Price your items, check the completed sales page and then click on “send invitation.”

You will immediately receive a predesigned E-mail invitation to the E-mail address you gave us. Open your E-mail address book and select all of the recipients you want to send your sales invitation to. You can even allow your recipients to forward the invitation to friends. The recipients of your E-mail invitation can comfortably browse through your belongings and add them to their shopping cart. If they are interested in buying, they send you a request by E-mail. You can contact each interested person personally and make an appointment for a visit or pickup. Your buyer will pay you in person in cash. 
Sold items should be deleted from your sales page. Do you have more than 100 used things to sell? Or do you want to send your sales page to different groups of people? Or start another online sale some other time? Then simply buy another meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM module.

4. How does meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM work for buyers?

It’s very easy: You will receive an E-mail invitation from your friend to see their online sale. Browse through the offerings and put the items you want into your shopping cart. Move quickly if you really want something. Let the seller know you are interested in one or more items by clicking on “Send request.” Look forward to the seller’s personal answer. Arrange a date for a preview or to pick-up your purchases, which is best if you pay in cash.

5. What advantages do I get from selling at meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM?

• You fill out a user-friendly, self-explanatory sales page in just a few steps
• You can put your beloved items that no longer fit your life into the hands of those you know
• You can earn something with the good feeling that we donate 10% of our revenue to charitable causes
• You can carefully choose the recipients of your sales invitation
• You only deal with people you know personally, or those who were personally recommended to you 
• You will be paid by your buyer in cash when the pickup is made
• You avoid cumbersome packing, shipping, returns and endless attempts to coordinate

6. What advantages do I get from buying at meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM?

• You know the previous owner and origin of the things you buy
• You can rely on statements about the condition and the agreements made
• You can clarify questions, requests and the pickup date directly with the seller
• You can view your desired purchases on site, pay cash and take them home with you
• You can buy something nice with the good feeling that we donate 10% of our income to charitable causes
• You can pay your friend in cash upon pickup
• You will avoid disappointments, time-consuming packing, delivery and returns

7. Can I create multiple sales pages?

Yes, you can create as many sales pages as you want. You can set them up randomly or thematically with up to 100 items. If you want to sell more, or more than once, just order a new meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM module.

8. Can I edit my sales list after sending?

That isn’t possible for technical reasons. What you can and should do in your own interest is please delete your sold items on your sales page.

9. Can I return purchased items?

Please ask the seller directly for a return option before buying. meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM is not responsible for the buying and selling process.

10. Can I test an item before I buy it?

Please clarify this directly with the seller. meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM is not responsible for the buying and selling process.

11. Can the recipients of my invitation forward my sales page to others?

Yes, just click on the button “share invitation” before sending your E-mail invitation.

12. How do I pay for my online module at “meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM”?

It’s very simple: with PayPal or a wire transfer.

13. How do I pay for my purchases?

You pay the seller in cash upon receipt of the merchandise. If you want to use a different method of payment, please clarify that with the seller in advance.

14. Where can I edit my personal data and passwords?

That’s very simple: click on “My Account” at the top right side of the main menu and log in. Here, you have access to your personal data, which you can update anytime. 

15. How can I delete my User Account?

Just go to “My Account”. Here you will find a button  „Delete my User Account“. 

16. My question was not listed here.

We are more than happy to answer your question via E-Mail at