How does 




How does meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM work?

1. You can sell so easily with meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM:


  • You can buy your meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM online shop module here
  • Register as a seller and give your sales page a name
  • Take pictures of what you want to sell and load them onto your PC
  • Fill your online shop with up to 100 of your used items
  • Set your desired price for each item and rate the condition of the items according to 3 criteria
  • Once your page is ready, click on “Send invitation”
  • You will immediately receive a pre-designed E-Mail invitation from us
  • Open your E-Mail account and send your invitation to whatever clients you want
  • Give your interested buyers feedback to coordinate pickup  
  • Delete sold items on your sales page


Click on “Buy Online Shop Module” and register your data in our online market to save your sales page. You can pay either with PayPal or a wire transfer. Congratulations, you now own your online shop! Give your sales page a name. Open your sales page and fill it by uploading photos of up to 100 items you want to sell. Rate their condition by clicking on “like new,” “well kept” or “visibly loved.” If you want to, you can add detailed descriptions. Give prices to your items, check the completed sales page and then click on “send invitation.”

You will immediately receive a pre-designed E-mail invitation at the E-mail address you have given us. Open your E-mail address book and select all the recipients you want to send your sales invitation to. You can even allow your recipients to forward the invitation to friends. The recipients of your E-mail invitation can comfortably browse through your belongings and add them to their shopping cart. If they are interested in buying, they send you an E-mail request. You can personally contact each interested person and make an appointment for a visit or pickup. Your buyer will pay you in person in cash. Sold items should be deleted on your sales page.

Have you already made some successful sales and want to have more garage sales in the future? Do you want to sell more than 100 used things? Or send your sale page to different recipients? Then simply buy another meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM module.

2. It’s so easy for you to buy with meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM:

So you get an E-mail invitation from your friend. Click on the link and browse at your leisure through the different items for sale. Once you’ve found something you want, simply put it in your shopping cart. If you see something you absolutely have to have, you’ll need to react quickly. Let the seller know that you are interested in one or more items by clicking on “Send request.” Then look forward to the seller’s prompt answer. Arrange a time to preview or pick-up your purchases, which is best if you pay in cash, and take your purchases home with you.

Do you maybe have friends who might be interested in the things your friend has put up for sale? Send them an invitation to the virtual garage sale, as long as the seller has enabled it by clicking on “Forward Invitation.”