meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM is an online marketplace where you can sell things you no longer use or need in a very easy, personal and effective way.

Discover all that’s possible at a glance:

meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM is a pre-designed online shop module you can use to quickly and safely sell your used items to a select group of people. The things that you put up for sale are visible only to those you personally select, rather than disappearing into the overloaded portals of the large online shops.

Our sales page is so easy to use that even those with few computer skills can create their own Online Shop in a few steps and load it up with up to 100 items without any outside help

Our online shop module spares you and your buyers the usual online shop disappointments, time-consuming packaging, the hassle of running to the post office and dealing with and returnsmeinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM works in a refreshingly uncomplicated way because it is based on mutual trust: Your buyer knows you personally and therefore knows the origin of the used items. You can rely on agreements, descriptions of condition, pickup times and cash payments. 

Our sales concept offers a high degree of security, because you know who will be coming to your house to pick up your items. And your buyer knows who’s waiting for them and where. This ensures both sides a unique and comfortable shared shopping experience.

With the purchase of one meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM module, you have full control of your costs: You pay the reasonable module price just once. After that, there are no additional costs for you. We donate 10% of our income to charitable causes.

Would you like to sell more than 100 items? Or send your sales page to different groups of recipients? Or start other garage sales? Then all you need is to buy a new meinGARAGENVERKAUF.COM module.